I Have Been Working As a DJ

I have been working as a DJ for a couple of years now. I was just starting out at this stuff when I started at college. I got the idea for the job after meeting this guy who worked part time as a magician in London. It is not bad for part time work especially when you are a college student. Of course I do not work children’s parties so much, they do not really need a DJ all that much. At least the kids are not that young, but the youngest ones are the age where girls and boys start to notice each other. At any rate it is a pretty easy way to make a little money, but you have to have the record discs and the turntables. I picked mine up second hand a long time ago and of course I used to sit in my room and play around with them all of the time, so I got pretty good at it. The actual work is not really difficult and it is usually a lot of fun.

The trick is to get the work to start with. If I can get a couple of events every week then that is going to be enough money to make the expenses that I have. Those are quite minimal since I am living with my Mom and I am not really living the life of a playboy. I will occasionally go down to the pub and drink a pint or two, but that is about all that I ever do which is not necessary. I get up and go to school, then I come home and sleep on most days. I might go out a few times a month, but mostly I am just buried in the school books.