Reading Trump News in the Mornings

Every morning when I wake up, I have a cup of coffee and look over the latest Trump news. I was never one for politics before, but it seems that something interesting comes from the Trump camp on a very regular basis. It is no secret that the American people have never had a president like Trump before, and I think that is the fascination for a lot of us. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t look for things that show him in a bad light at all. There are plenty of news sites out there that do that already.

I just want to read up on the latest news about our president, and I enjoy the different kinds of stories available. Let me give you an example. This site that I go to has only news about Trump or his administration. This morning when I browsed the site, I was able to read several stories that popped up overnight. I found out that Trump is headed again to the south to meet some of the brave heroes who are helping those in need because of the hurricanes that have hit. I also read that Vice President Pence is going to tour the areas as well.

I also read where the former press secretary went on a talk show, and reading his take on some things was very interesting. I was sad to see him leave the White House, but I was very happy to see that he has kept his integrity even though I believe a lot of people would have taken a different and less ethical road in his position. I was even able to read an article about the First Daughter, and reading about her take on her famous father reminds me that he is the most powerful man in the world right now but he is also a father and grandfather too. Where else can you get such a variety of stories about our president?