I Wanted a Security System Installed

Two of my very good friends each got a security system installed at their houses within the last month. I did not think much about it for me, because they live more in the city than I do. Like a naive person, I thought they were more at risk. That changed when a neighbor’s house was vandalized. No one had been hurt and nothing was stolen, but it made me realize that crime can happen to anyone, regardless of location. My friend sent me an email and told me to click here to get more information on the alarm system that she had installed at her house.

I knew that it was ADT, and I did recognize that as the name of a major security system company. I did not know anything else about it though. She had told me even before I looked at the website that it was extremely affordable, so I was not concerned about the price too much. I was still surprised to see that a person can have this brand of security system for nine bucks a week. Most everyone I know spends more than that a week on coffee!

I looked at the different plans and prices, and I was happy to see that I would be able to get the entire system, the same one my friend had installed, for just a little more than the minimum cost. It was really easy to set everything up right there on the website too. I just had to fill out a form with what I wanted, and someone called me back the same day. I had the system installed the following week on my day off, and I do believe I have started a trend on my street because a few others have had one installed too!