I Wanted a Security System Installed

Two of my very good friends each got a security system installed at their houses within the last month. I did not think much about it for me, because they live more in the city than I do. Like a naive person, I thought they were more at risk. That changed when a neighbor’s house was vandalized. No one had been hurt and nothing was stolen, but it made me realize that crime can happen to anyone, regardless of location. My friend sent me an email and told me to click here to get more information on the alarm system that she had installed at her house.

I knew that it was ADT, and I did recognize that as the name of a major security system company. I did not know anything else about it though. Continue reading


Reading Trump News in the Mornings

Every morning when I wake up, I have a cup of coffee and look over the latest Trump news. I was never one for politics before, but it seems that something interesting comes from the Trump camp on a very regular basis. It is no secret that the American people have never had a president like Trump before, and I think that is the fascination for a lot of us. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t look for things that show him in a bad light at all. There are plenty of news sites out there that do that already.

I just want to read up on the latest news about our president, and I enjoy the different kinds of stories available. Let me give you an example. Continue reading


Finding the Right Gas Company

When I lived in Ohio before, we only had one gas company that we were able to choose from. When I moved back about a year ago, I was surprised to find out that we actually had a lot of choices. I did not keep up with the deregulation news in Ohio at all since I was halfway across the country, but I definitely wanted to learn more about it. I figured the best way would be to just go online and find out which company is going to offer me the best deals.

I am making a bit more money now than I was when I lived here over 20 years ago, but that does not mean I don’t want to save it as much as I can. I would rather my money line my own pockets rather than the CEO’s pockets of some gas company. I was planning on going to each gas company that services my area, but I found something even better in the process. Continue reading


I Have Been Working As a DJ

I have been working as a DJ for a couple of years now. I was just starting out at this stuff when I started at college. I got the idea for the job after meeting this guy who worked part time as a magician in London. It is not bad for part time work especially when you are a college student. Of course I do not work children’s parties so much, they do not really need a DJ all that much. At least the kids are not that young, but the youngest ones are the age where girls and boys start to notice each other. At any rate it is a pretty easy way to make a little money, but you have to have the record discs and the turntables. Continue reading